CLaire puckett

Receiving her first guitar at 8 years old, Austin, Tx native Claire Puckett has played all over the country, most notably during a decades-long tenure with orchestral “none of the above” group Mother Falcon, and 2 years with progressive rock band Hikes. She cites studying classical guitar as the main influence on her finger-picking style, but expands outside those boundaries into folk and experimental techniques. She describes playing music as "a way to make tangible the things we are unable or unwilling to express in everyday life."

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Lil Sharp is a hip-hop violinist known for her amazing ability to play violin and rap at the same time. Along with covering her favorite classic hip-hop joints for YouTube and Instagram fans, she has over a decade of live performances, musical arrangements, and professional recording sessions under her belt. 

Catch Lil Sharp on tracks with Chance the Rapper, Jeremih, Towkio, and many others laying it down on strings. She is known for her fierce musicality and soulfulness.



Brennan Smiley, lead singer and guitarist with the Technicolors, is also an active performer as a solo artist and collaborator. When Brennan is not touring as a performer around the world (a rare occurrence), he resides in Los Angeles, CA.








John Arndt is a Grammy-nominated pianist/composer/producer. Raised in a community that cherished music, John was creating music with his best friends from an early age. Those friendships grew into two projects, The Brilliance and Gungor, that have become a significant part of his career today.  With The Brilliance Podcast, John synthesizes songwriting and storytelling to create a unique audio experience.

As a classically trained pianist, John seeks to synthesize elements of the rich past with the present.  His first solo composition, 20 Miniatures for Solo Piano, is a series of diverse snapshots drawn from a wide array of John’s musical heroes from Elliott Smith to Bach.