We love working with all types of musical students from elementary school level all the way up to soon-to-be college graduates and beyond. Sharing our love and knowledge of music and the music business through workshops and residencies has been and will always be a huge part of our mission and passion.  Email to let us know how we can customize an educational presentation for your program, whether it be in-person or virtual!

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Presentation includes (and is not limited to):

an introduction to the string family, its history, and its future
performances of music your students will recognize to get them excited about classical instruments
interactive elements to get your students engaged before we arrive and keep them engaged through and beyond the performance
education on rhythm, groove, and counting

“The ATLYS String Quartet residency at North Street School in the Geneva City School District was top- notch. It exceeded my every expectation. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, and still talk about it a year later! I truly look forward to any future projects the ATLYS String Quartet endeavors.”

-Laurie Giroux Williams, General music teacher at North Street Elementary

4th Grade Collaboration Music Video Project — watch until the end to see interviews with the students

Composition Workshops and Camps

Presentation includes (and is not limited to):

a lecture on string writing do’s and don’ts and demonstrations of extended techniques
professional-quality, polished recordings of compositions (available remotely!)
a workshop session to discuss and reflect on individual compositions from a string player’s perspective

“Working with ATLYS was wonderful – not only did my students receive an incredible addition to their portfolios for future applications, but some of the students were also given public exposure through music videos posted on ATLYS’s social media accounts, reaching thousands of listeners and hopefully jumpstarting careers. [ATLYS was] able to offer my students an unequalled artistic and educational experience, and they each spent countless hours on this project, while also being extremely organized and responsive. Future students working with them are guaranteed to be enlightened and inspired.”

-Eric Malmquist, Director of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra Composition Program

Compositions by students Jonathan Miller and Hannah Thill

Music marketing education for college level musicians and beyond

Presentation includes (and is not limited to):

a breakdown of how we built our social media following and Spotify stream count from the ground up without boosts from competitions or help from management
an explanation of the importance of the email list and how to build it
an education on — how it works, what it is, and how it can help you sustain your business without the need for regular kickstarter campaigns or grant writing
instructions on how to think of yourself as both a musician and CEO to keep your dreams on track

“The presentation ATLYS delivered was phenomenal. It was an extremely polished guide to successfully marketing oneself as an artist and ensemble, curating an authentic presence online as an artist, and becoming a business-minded musician with the ability to take dreams from ideation to actualization. The presentation left the students feeling inspired, curious, and eager to learn more.”

-Felice Doynov, Former Assistant Director of Music Admission and Preparatory Programs at Ithaca College

An excerpt from a virtual presentation on social media and marketing


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