"Lady power crossover string quartet"


​​ATLYS is a classically trained, crossover string quartet comprised of four women. Hailed for being incredibly passionate and interactive, they create a concert atmosphere that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Together, the four are creating an ATLYS of music, filled with melodies and tunes from all kinds of cultures and genres. Using the string quartet as their blank canvas, they veer outside of the classical music box and the traditional acoustic soundscape to develop imaginative covers of beloved music, electrifying their instruments and using looping and effects pedals. At the same time, they enjoy returning within the borders of that box to perform new classical works written just for them, creating a program that is beautifully diverse and intriguing to all.

From representing New York City’s Lincoln Center, to performing on world class stages like Red Rocks and The Gorge Ampitheatre, to participating in international conventions like the Human Right’s Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum, ATLYS has charmed audiences in over 1000 concerts around the world. Sponsorships include Shar Music’s Young Strings of America, Schertler Audio Pickups, and NS Design instruments.

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“I’ve been mastering ATLYS’ work for a while now, and it’s clear that they are the real deal!!! Their ability to move effortlessly from a sensitive classical performance to an all out instrument-punishing rock version of Imagine Dragon’s “Believer” shows their ingenuity and creativity!!  The energy they bring into their studio recordings matches the fire and passion of their live performances, which is rare in my experience!!!!  Whether studio or live, they command the stage, the audience, and leave it all on the floor.  No holding back.  These ladies are stars…”

-Rob Burrell, Multi-Grammy and Multi-Platinum Winning Mix Engineer


“I was looking for a string quartet to add a wider range of expression to my music, and ATLYS took this mere scrap of a vision and expanded upon it gloriously, beyond expectations. It feels good to have such professionals on stage — I can sit back and enjoy the moment because I know they’re gonna crush it!”

-Jeff Montalvo, Seven Lions

Jeff - Seven Lions

"ATLYS' musicianship is visceral, transportive, and enchanting; a phenomenon that shouldn't just be heard, but experienced. Go out of your way to catch them live — you'll walk away enlightened and enriched."

-Jeron Moore, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses and Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions World Tours

jeron moore