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Bob (Seattle, WA): “So often, your talents jump off the screen and into my heart, reminding me what rare gifts you possess. To have the ability to move first-time listeners is definitely a gift. But to move those familiar with your talent, time and time again, is beyond special. The term "magical " doesn't fully describe it. Maybe reaching into the chest and pulling out your heart is more descriptive (at least to Edgar Allan Poe!). You guys, keep creating and inspiring. And stay the authentic,  wonderful people you are. I'm always in your corner!!”

David and Leon (Portland, OR): “One of my things I am thankful for is that you have not forgotten us and you continue to share your beautiful talents with us. Blessings to you, Genevieve, Rita, Jinty and Sabrina today and every day. Hope to see you again sometime.”

Rick (Nashville, TN) “I’m just an old man who enjoys music and truly appreciates talented people who work very hard pursuing their art and craft. I’ll do most anything I can to support y’all”

Lorna, AKA Nanny (Philadelphia, PA): I’m Sabrina and Genevieve’s  grandmother and I’m partial, but I think everybody would really enjoy being a part of ATLYS’s Patreon community. It’s a GREAT diversion during COVID especially, and makes me feel closer to my granddaughters (and adopted granddaughters!)!


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